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Tensiopram® is a nutraceutical supplement formulated to restore good mood and sleep, and to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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why do you need it?

Mood disorders and stress: rely on red saffron, vitamin d3 and folate

Family, home, work, study: life is made up of pressing tasks that can be a real test of your emotional well-being! Stress and low mood are common conditions of our time, but you can easily counteract them with natural and safe remedies.

We use only high-quality red saffron stigmas, vitamin D3 and natural folate. These ingredients prove to be effective antidepressants and not artificial.

Insomnia: the power of valerian and melatonin

Tensiopram® contains the right ingredients to combat insomnia and sleep disorders.

Valerian is one of them: an ancient natural remedy, it promotes relaxation and, if taken before going to bed, can help you to find restful sleep.

Melatonin is also very useful! When you return from a trip or during particularly stressful periods, it helps you to fall asleep easily and re-establish the correct sleep-wake cycle, giving you your daily energy boost.

Fight anxiety and panic attacks with l-theanine

Tensiopram® can provide valuable support if you suffer from panic attacks, or recurring states of anxiety.

L-Theanine contained in the product increases levels of GABA in the brain, the neutransmitter that promotes relaxation. It also plays an important role in the synthesis of dopamine, which increases mood and combats depression.

To improve your mood, take Tensiopram® together with an optimal diet and a healthy lifestyle!

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